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Cats are Unwelcome
in my Garden -

Because today there was a major disaster in our garden.

Today is Mother's Day - a day I love puttering in the garden.

For the past few weeks, we have been delighted by a pair of Robins building a nest under our raised deck.

They are not too troubled by our comings and goings and we are thrilled they chose our garden in which to raise their young.

I came round the side of the house this morning, only to scare the neighbour's cat and see him flee over the fence between us.

Minutes later, the nest, which had been tucked up under the rafter of the deck was upside down, and the 3 gorgeous blue eggs, cracked or broken... still warm.

I admit to having a good cry and trying to explain to "Blackie" (our name for the Robin - long story for another time) how very sorry I was and that I hoped he and his lady would not give up.

Came inside, and poured a martini...(for medicinal purposes of course). 

Besides being angry and sad about the Robin's eggs,  there is another reason cats are unwelcome in my garden......

I cannot grow veggies on my own property without having cat poo in amongst them... not too tasty in my books or too healthy.

How can I grow organic food, if it is being contaminated by cat faeces?  

I cannot, can you?

The problem??

 ...I really like my neighbours

and they have at least one cat each.

My dogs don't like the cats in our garden either.  

By law I have to leash my dogs, but somehow, a cat on a leash does not please any cat owner... only those of us who wish they would do their business in their own yard.

There are many ways to deter cats, but so far, none of them have worked for me.

There are many ideas here.....


To  make matters worse, this week, I cut back my Spirea hedge to give it new life- to cut out the dead and to bring it back to its glorious self. The hedge runs between me and my neighbours (whom I like immensely), and has until now, kept their cats from racing from their yard to ours. (They had to climb through)

Alas, now they have a highway through it and drives my dogs - who are inside looking out... a might crazy.

My other neighbour has a huge organic garden.... she  eventually had to build raised beds and install a motion-censored water hose to keep her next-door neighbour's 4 cats out....

Once again, let me say that we all really like and care for our neighbours but the cats are a problem and it is difficult to say something to them because the response is... "but they LIKE it outside".... "and it's what cats do" (kill birds)...

Where is the logic in this?

Comments? Solutions?  

We'd love to hear them. 

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