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 ... and I love my site's new look - and I love roses.... well, all gardening and cannot wait to share some of my successes and failures along the way.

I keep tweaking pages and updating with new stuff.I want it to make sense for you. If you have any ideas or questions, please ask..

. I would love to hear from you.

If you wonder how I started gardening... my story is at the bottom of this page but...

In the mean time, here are some pages

to start you dreaming.









Life  is particularly challenging right now:

our world is dealing with COVID,

politics, threats, anger and angst.

But there is goodness out there and kindness too...

so try hard to share that kindness, 

smile with your eyes and look out for each other.

And no matter what else is cancelled,

gardening is not.

Plan your garden,

plant some seeds and keep dreaming.

The sun always rises - spring always comes

and we always feel better in the garden.

Stay strong.

We're in this together and we'll come through it .


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"Garden Bliss & Blunder"

Gardening is about the journeys

we all take through the blunders

on our way to blissful gardens.




I don't like getting my hands dirty so I never really thought of myself a gardener...to me, "Garden Design" was pretty much about re-arranging flower pots on the deck.

But life threw me some curves and digging in the dirt was rather therapeutic, patching up heart and soul while still just moving those pots around.

Not surprising, the gardening bug bit me hard

and here I am.

I started digging a few flower beds and made a lot of mistakes. But the few successes I did have, kept me going.

Why do we garden?

Because gardening proves that hope and faith are still alive.

When you plant a dry little seed in some dirt, don't you just KNOW it will grow and bloom into something divine?

Of course you do. And so we still do that.

Gardening is good for us.

But that isn't why I started .. but now is that intoxicating combination of dirt, water and sun that makes magic for me and I always want more

As a single working mom with two (fabulous) children, I didn't have much time for digging and planting flowers.

so our spring outings consisted of racing off to the greenhouse, piling pretty annuals into my convertible and hauling them home.

plants in my red convertible

Then, all I had to do was plop them in pots, arrange them on the verandah or walkway and

...Voila - instant garden.

I still hate getting dirt under my nails...so each Spring I treat myself to a few pairs of gloves in delicious colours, like lavender, blue or peach. With rubber-like palms and fingers and a nice cool mesh on the upper...they are thin enough to pick up a tiny seedling, or protect me from sharp thorns. 

I wash them often.Who wants to put on wet, dirty or gritty gloves? 

And if an offer of a little help comes along, I can offer a clean pair of gloves...

But back to my garden journey.

garden gloves

One day, the wind blew a big old tree onto my sad little yard and when it was all cleared away, the cost to remove the stump, was too huge - so I  stuck a pot on top; threw some soil around it and planted some flowers.

First rose garden

 It turned out to be healthy way to heal some life problems; adding a little faith and beauty along the way.

More flower beds

Soon I was bravely carving curvy beds along the fence and filling them with daisies from the side of the road, the farmer's market and some wild phlox I found along the railroad track. I haunted yard and garden-club sales and began asking a lot of questions.

Then I thought a Rose Garden would be nice.  

But that story is here..ROSES

The more plants I bought, the bigger I needed to make the beds;  less grass and more garden.

I poured heart, soul (and dollars) into my garden and got a bit cocky .. so the 3rd summer, I was easily persuaded to enter in our city's Communities in Bloom Garden-contest...

I came in third... (goodie for me). 

By then, I was addicted to flowers and before the next competition, I hired some muscle, and we dug up the patchy grass under the huge Maple tree in front of my house and planted Hostas my neighbour gave me.

See how that went here:  Grass-to Garden 

By this time I was gardening like a madwoman and wanted more plants. Each spring, it was a giddy challenge to choose colours when the greenhouses were full of 50 shades of the same colour.

(some tips that worked for me) colour. 

Soon life was healing and the sad little yard was becoming a garden.

The following year I entered the competition again...

and WON FIRST...ooh la la.

And if I can do it, so can you.

Follow along to see what worked or didn't...shortcuts, successes and failures.

If you want to grow vegetables instead of flowers,  

click here:  (stevenbiggs.ca)

- because Steve and Emma Biggs have it covered. Young Emma grows BIG tomatoes;  so can you.  









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