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About me...

When I was a new gardener, I thought pots of annuals and some Hosta would do the trick.

But when a major life crisis threw me for a loop, I dug into my garden for solace and I’m still digging and growing (pun intended) - except during winter when I read and research, sketch and write. It keeps me from going a little stir-crazy until I can garden outside.

It’s funny how gardening works its way into your soul

and never leave.  I love how that feels!

Everything I plant is a step further into the fascinating world of horticulture and botany.  I still have to know all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ and 'who said so' and 'will it work for me' in my garden.

But that’s what fuels my passion.

As a Master Gardener, I take and teach courses - about roses, soil, plants, weeds, water and all their likes and dislikes. 

I am committed to life-long learning so I can share what I learn with others.  

I hope my site will inspire you, teach you, encourage you and tempt you to try new things - and learn what works or doesn’t from my own garden experiences. 

I hope you'll share what you have learned  too….

Perhaps we can do some of that together….right here.

Cauleen Viscoff

Ontario, Canada

Artist, author, designer, speaker and award-winning gardener who loves her family, dogs, friends and roses. 

Master Gardener

Certified Rain Garden Installer

Co-ordinator - Lindsay Master Gardners

Former Chair - The Peterborough Garden Show

Garden Communicators International - member

Co-ordinator - The Barnardo Garden


I would love if you signed up for my monthly newsletter "Garden Bliss & Blunder"

I enjoy connecting with other passionate gardeners

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