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Tips -

What Works


What Doesn't 

This  page is all about great tips for what works, what doesn't in the garden; the trials, successes and failures… and the results. 

Although there are hints and tips on most of the other pages of my site, they are likely in amongst the process, the story or whatever else is is going on there. 

Here is a place where you can get more of what works,  questions to ask, and detailed “how to”.. for a myriad of things.

So come back often and see what is new.  

For now, we'll start here....

  If your garden  is a bit tired, overgrown with weeds, or you have inherited a garden that just needs a bit of a  makeover, look here:

How to take your Garden from Lousy to Lush© in 10 Steps

- whether those steps take 10 days,

10 months or 10 years..

Check it out here.... 

Perhaps you are starting a garden from scratch, in a new subdivision, or want a  total makeover of your garden, you will need some help deciding if you need a Gardener, or a Landscaper? or Both?

How to decide if you need

 a Landscaper or a Gardener

- the questions you will need to answer before you decide are here...


Lousy to Lush©

Landscaper or Gardener?

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