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Whatever else this season brings for others, for me, it is Christmas.  I respect there are those who don't celebrate Christmas, but I hope somehow that each of us can find some sort of special meaning this season... 

Celebrate however you wish, but do celebrate in your own way. 

Let's work at making some new and pleasant or fun memories, no matter how small, no matter how simple.

Is money tight? (and when is it not?) we could write a loving letter to someone who means a lot to us instead of buying something we are not sure they will like or  use.  

Or give a tree decoration - one you made or one you found... you would be giving a memory.

And yes, even though it is Christmas Eve... it is not too late.

There is Magic in Christmas... if you just look.

  ...and joy, and if you are still enough, and let it in,

it will find you...

When we were in Italy some years ago, we found a  small shop on a side street, far off the beaten track, and although it was in the heat of the summer, the windows were full of nativity scenes.

I love the sweetness of the figures and animals and so we brought the basic set home... including the stable.  Funny thing (well, not so funny, really ) because we had to bring the stable on the plane as a carry-on, they charged us $80 extra.... more than we paid for all the rest, but all, I am glad we did because it still gives me so much pleasure.

One morning, near to Christmas, I came downstairs and found Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog at the manger. My little daughter assured me "but Mommy, you said anyone can come to the manger "... and of course she is right. 

Since then we have added a deer made of birch bark, a moose make of other bark (they remind us of the cottage), a zebra and some sheep made of local wool, a carved wooden bear, a heavy metal bear (because bears remind me of my dad), a loon (because my mom loved loons), an alpaca (a gift from a friend who raised alpacas), a baby lion(because it is so cute), a pottery sheep and this year, a white ceramic dog with silver ears (because we have dogs). All of these are memory makers.

But perhaps one of the best memories was made because we all lived apart and met at a ski lodge in Vermont on Christmas eve.... a little homey suite of rooms where my son set up his laptop and on it, placed a tiny nativity, with Miss Piggy and friends. 

Years later, that nativity has travelled with each of us from home to home.. and now it is my daughter's turn and here it resides on her shelf.

And, here it is... this year, a tiny green turtle and a little green frog sitting on a tiny twig chair are newcomers to this nativity.

For me, these figures remind me what I celebrate.

This year, I found a wee one for my desk.

So don't stress over things that will not matter in a few days.... 

Decorate your tree, or help someone else to decorate theirs... add some funky things that mean something to you... or that make you smile.

Put up some boughs, and berries and share them with  your best friends.




Give from your heart .




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