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My Favourite CobraHead
Weeding Tools

I have always used the same tools for weeding... but recently I was given 2 new ones to try: they have changed how I feel about my old ones -

.....and how I weed.

Below is the new CobraHead (mini) 

- it's like a steel fingernail. It is easy to hold, and easy to weed with. Put the 'nail' behind the weed, and pull toward you - the weeds come out easily. I used it to edge where the edge didn't need to be razor-sharp, just more defined.

It's almost 9 inches long (22cm) and weighs only 4.5oz (128gm) - so it is very light.

Below, a bigger version, with a longer  handle.... at first I  found it a bit awkward, but liked it for a longer reach and deeper rooted weeds. This one is 13 inches long(33cm) and weighs about 9 oz (255gm) - still light.

And for those of us who like to stand and weed, you guessed it.. a long-handled one. Weighs a couple of pounds (1.08kg) and comes in several lengths - from 4 to 5 feet.

 Here is all the information you might wish... and more from the company itself.  Remember, I don't get paid for this, but I want you to know all the best tools.

Go here for all the details.... 



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