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Do Pests and Insects Ruin your Beautiful Garden?

Some pests we love to hate....

Cabbage Butterfly

Leaf-tier insects on Hydrangea

Sawfly Larvae




Pests and Insects !

We detest them. We spend hours and dollars creating beautiful gardens only to be plagued with them.

We plant Kale and other brassicas, only to find their leaves eaten to lace: blame the Cabbage Butterly...

Other pests are insects-

such as leaf-tier caterpillars on Annabelle Hydrangea and furry wee animals like racoons or groundhogs.  

 Perhaps the ugliest one I have ever seen is the Sawfly Larvae.  Once you have seen these nasties, you are not likely to forget.

Some pests, however, are not so ugly. Some are downright cute. They can be just as ornery and just as damaging to our gardens, but dang, those little furry ones can be adorable.  

My garden was eaten by groundhogs and raccoons, just two weeks before our local garden competition.

 Here is what happened-




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