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 - Climate Change

 - The Peterborough Garden


That Gardening makes a Good Life?

 - Why Barns are Painted Red?

- The 140-Year Dutch-Canadian Friendship and what is growing?

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Do You Know About....

Check out my page on PlantWatch here and see www.naturewatch.ca


Do you Know About ....

Climate Change?

Check out  my page on Climate Change  here....


Do you Know About....

The Peterborough Garden Show?


Join us April 7,8 and 9th - 2017

in Peterborough, Ontario

for our 17th incredible Garden Show.


Many  years ago, my daughter

asked me....

why barns are painted red.

I told her because it was my favourite colour, and it was also my dad's. No computer was handy in those days, so the question lay unanswered until recently....

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